Founded in 1972, the Pepperdine Law Review is a scholarly law journal published by second and third-year law students at the Pepperdine University School of Law.  In its forty-four years, it has been a resource for practitioners, law professors, and judges alike.  Articles published in the review are routinely referenced in court opinions, including those penned by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Membership is recognized as both an honor and a unique educational experience.  Offers are extended to the top ten percent of the first year class, conditioned upon successful completion of an editing assignment that tests grammar and citation skill.  Additional offers are awarded to the best entries in Pepperdine’s annual write-on competition.  Pepperdine Law Review staff edit articles written by professors, lawyers, judges, legislators, and other scholars.  They also produce their own Comments or Notes on legal developments and significant cases.  Each year, the review publishes the best of each in five issues.  It also produces an Annual Volume, comprised of essays, book reviews, and other legal correspondence.

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Law Review Office Phone: 310-506-4764
Law Review Office Fax:  310-506-4063

Volume 44 Law Review Editorial Board

Helen Andrews

Managing Editor:
Emily Speier

Production Editor:
Tess Douglas

Symposium Editor:
Alice Anderson

Essays, Reviews, & Digital Media Editor:
Derek O’Reilly-Jones

Literary Citation Editors:
Seth Bamburg
Anthony Glukhov
Shelby Kail
Shannon Popovich

Note and Comment Editors:
Cory Batza
Giuliana Magnasco
Carina Muir

Lead Article Editors:
Ryan Chapman
Alexandria Fletcher
Ashley Robinson

Associate Editors:
Ryan Crist
Hannah Kazim
Christina Kerner
Chelsea McGrath
Scott Morrison
Mitchell Motu
Brock Olson
Elmon Tanielian
Ankita Thakkar
Ericka Welsh

Associate Essays, Reviews, & Digital Media Editor:
Jessica Freitas

Volume 44 Law Review Staff

Senior Staff Members:
Talia Rybak
Brook Bergen
Cameron McCollum
Corey Miller
Fred Doctorovich
Geoff Lee
Ifeoma Enenmoh
Jazmine Flores
Josh Graybill
Baillee Ford
Amy Rose
Natalie Lagunas
Samantha Parrish
Cassidy Wallace
Drew Lynch

Staff Members:
Andrew Smith
Anna Molinari
Bailey Blaies
Cameron Fraser
Casey Caton
Cassidy Veal
Cassie Routh
Chrisala Giannakopouos
Christopher Prosser
Colin Gallagher
Daniel Macioce
David Barney
Destin Tisher
Edrina Nazaradeh
Emily Sauer
Gregory Lewis
Hannah Fitzgerald
Jacqueline Harvey
Jake McIntosh
Jessica Leano
Jesslyn Nunez
Jordan Johnson
Joshua Park
Kat Ellena
Katherine Kilmer
Katie Henderson
Kyler Kelly
Kyser Blakely
Maetha Jacobe
Mark Kanow
Megan Dodd
Melanie Cockrum
Melissa Corona
Nicholas Yodok
Shelby Baker
Susan Ly
Tyler Prosser

Faculty Advisors:

Edward J. Larson, Ph.D.  and Robert J. Pushaw